Wellness & Preventive Care

You might be asking, “What is a wellness visit? Why should I have one?”

At Texas Center for Health, we look at you and your health in the context of a life you’ll love, so wellness and preventative care are foundational to that objective.

Our Texas Center for Health providers customize your wellness plan and work with you to maintain ongoing healthcare by providing a variety of important services, including health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, counseling, patient education, and diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses.

Here are a few things we check when you come for your wellness visit.

Heart Health

Aging happens, and it’s vital to keep tabs on your heart health. Several factors can affect the heart’s performance, from genetics to nutrition and exercise. Science shows that over 80% of heart disease is preventable with proper diet, exercise, and not smoking.
Test includes:

  • Lipid
  • Bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • Good cholesterol (HDL)
  • Triglycerides
  • Blood sugar
  • Blood pressure check

Breast Health

Mammograms are an important part of a wellness check. Women 40 and older should get one annually. A woman with a family history of breast cancer should get her first mammogram 10 years before her family member was diagnosed.
Test includes:

  • Breast exam
  • Mammogram

Skin Health

In the South, we have bright sun and outdoor activities, so it’s important to check yourself for new or changing moles and have your skin checked regularly for other places you may miss or can’t see. During your annual skin exam, we’ll give you a complete checkup from head to toe.
Test includes:

  • Screening skin exam

Cervical Health

You should have a Pap test every3 years or as your doctor recommends.
Test includes:

  • Pap Smear and HPV (based on recommended guidelines)

Bone Health

Bone fractures and osteoporosis become potential health risks as we age. A Dexa-scan test measures bone density and acts as an indicator to predict future potential for fractures and osteoporosis. To have a baseline, we will test women post-menopausal for comparison at later visits, as well as those over the age of 65.
Test includes:

  • Dexa-scan

Over-50 Test

Yes, if you’re over 50, it’s that time. No one relishes the idea, but it’s important to have a colonoscopy if you meet the age threshold, and then have the test every 10 years thereafter. Our office will schedule your colonoscopy after your annual wellness visit.
Test includes:

  • Scheduled colonoscopy


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