Why you should have an obstetrician on your side!

istock 1130755952 1 Becoming a mother is a wonderful journey, but it can also cause some women a lot of anxiety during this new part of their lives. Beaumont, TX area women who are in need of care during their pregnancy should strongly consider the benefits of an obstetrician by their sides!

What does an obstetrician do?

An obstetrician is a specialized provider that has unique qualification and experience that allow them to provide medical care for women throughout their pregnancy and after the birth of their child. These professionals have the ability to assist in managing high-risk pregnancies and births, and can also perform specific interventions such as caesareans, or “C-sections.” In addition, they are trained in gynecology, and in the case of our team here at the Texas Center for Health, our providers are also board-certified physicians. Drs. Marquita Anderson and Mary Martin support women during this exciting time while ensuring the best possible care throughout their new journey into motherhood!

What are the benefits of having an obstetrician?

We highly recommend women who are pregnant consider the advantages of having an obstetrician to help them through the entire process of having a child. An obstetrician can:

  • Provide information and guidance on how to have a healthy pregnancy
  • Monitor pregnancies where there are high-risk concerns that can impact mother and/or baby
  • Intervene when needed to address concerns that can arise, such as performing a C-section
  • Help women prepare physically and emotionally for labor and the birth of their baby
  • Conduct any necessary screening and diagnostic tests throughout pregnancy and after birth
  • Check a baby’s growth and position to prepare for birth
  • Work alongside a midwife if a patient chooses to have one for a smoother process
  • Perform a six week follow-up after the birth of their child
  • Educate women on birth control or preparing for future pregnancies

Discuss your needs with our team today

At Texas Center for Health in Beaumont, TX, our board-certified physicians can assist with a wide range of women’s health concerns. If you are considering an obstetrician for your needs, call our office at (409) 923-0012 to request a consultation visit at 2929 Calder Avenue, Ste. #204. We are dedicated to helping patients achieve the best possible care with Drs. Marquita Anderson and Mary Martin at our multidisciplinary practice with a women’s health focus.


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