Why should I see my gynecologist for a yearly comprehensive examination?

istock 1157591981 1 Everyone knows that annual physicals can help in catching signs of problems early on. The same goes for gynecological examinations. With an annual pelvic exam and comprehensive gynecological evaluation, many women can catch indications of serious problems early enough for successful intervention. Visiting with a gynecologist at the Texas Center for Health on an annual basis is also beneficial for good overall reproductive health.

What should I do to prepare for my examination?

Most women will want to know the answer to several questions commonly asked in our practice during a gynecological examination, including:

  • Date and length of your last period
  • What age did you start menstruating
  • If you are sexually active and have one or more partners

Women should also avoid visiting the doctor for their annual examination if they are currently menstruating as this can impact the results of diagnostic evaluations such as the pap smear.

What should I expect during my examination?

Routine evaluations typically start with the doctor asking the patient if they have experienced any changes in their menstrual flow or reproductive health since they were last seen. The doctor will have the patient relax on the treatment table while they perform a breast examination. This is done to check for any lumps that may be indicative of breast cancer. The patient will then put feet in the stirrups to allow the doctor to perform an examination of the external genitalia to look for cysts or sores. A spectrum is then inserted into the vaginal canal to open it and allow for a physical examination by the doctor, while also taking a sample of cervix cells for a pap smear. With a gloved hand, the doctor will then inert fingers inside the vagina to check the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. During the examination, we encourage women to also ask any questions they may have about their reproductive health, such as urinary incontinence or contraception options.

Are you due for a comprehensive gynecological examination?

Contact the team of the Texas Center for Health in Beumont, TX to discuss your needs. We are a multidisciplinary practice with a focus on obstetrics and gynecology, and are open to taking new patients in the community seeking quality care!


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