What is the importance of routine breast examinations?

istock 1150931391 1 There are many ways in which women can maintain their overall health with routine screenings. Evaluations done regularly can be used to check for early signs and symptoms of certain conditions, including breast cancer. Breast cancer is a common form of cancer that can develop in the tissues of the breast. Patients who regularly screen for cancer with routine breast examinations and mammograms will have a better chance of catching their cancer in the earlier stage and having a more successful intervention with the help of the doctors at the Texas Center for Health.

Why is breast screening important?

Regular breast screenings are just as vital as other screenings done on a regular basis, including gynecological exams, dental appointments, and skin cancer screenings done with the dermatologist. The team at Texas Center for Health encourages women to not only schedule a regular breast cancer screening with a professional, but ask about the methods of performing self-examinations between visits. Early detection can increase a woman’s chance of experiencing further complications from cancer.

What are mammograms?

A mammogram is a diagnostic tool used by professionals at the Texas Center for Health to create images of the breast tissues. These images are then used to evaluate the breast outside of what can be seen with the physical eye. The images created during a mammogram can be extremely beneficial for the doctor, allowing him or her to spot lumps or areas of concern that may need further evaluation. If there is a concern that breast cancer is present, the doctor may refer the patient for a biopsy to remove a sample of the concerning area to test it for cancerous cells. If cancer is found, the patient is then educated on their treatment options.

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If you are due for a routine breast examination, we welcome you to book an appointment at our Beaumont, TX area practice. Call Texas Center for Health today to take charge of your overall health and wellness and monitor for changes or concerns that may require further evaluation and diagnosis.


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