Understanding sexual dysfunction in men

istock 1169178576It is not uncommon for men to experience sexual dysfunction. In fact, there are many reasons why they may be unable to perform sexual intercourse or find sexual satisfaction with their partners. Sexual dysfunction is a term used to describe any stage of a sexual act that keeps the male and/or his partner from experiencing sexual satisfaction. It can occur in the areas of desire, arousal, and orgasm. When sexual dysfunction occurs, it can cause men to feel inadequate or frustrated, often reducing their desire for sex.

What are the causes of sexual dysfunction?

There are different types of dysfunction that can occur. Approximately 30 million men in the United States experience erectile dysfunction, which is the most common form of sexual dysfunction. Men may also deal with other types of dysfunction including:

  • Decreased sexual drive/libido
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Ejaculation disorders
  • Inability to reach orgasm
  • Anatomical problems/conditions

What can be done for sexual dysfunction in men?

The type of dysfunction experienced by a male patient will often determine the best treatment option for an individual. With a proper evaluation with our team to decide the cause, along with discussions regarding the events that led up to the dysfunction, our team can make an educated decision regarding the best course of treatment to consider for that individual. Some of the more common varieties of treatments include:

  • Behavioral treatment
  • Medication
  • Mechanical aids (implants, vacuum devices)
  • Sexual therapy/therapists
  • Psychotherapy
  • Education and communication

During an evaluation, our team will assess a patient to determine the cause of the dysfunction, and work directly with them to find a solution that helps them feel satisfied and happy with the sex life once again!

Discuss your needs today

At Texas Center for Health, we work directly with men to help them understand the cause behind their sexual dysfunction to assist them in leading a fulfilling love life. If you struggle with sexual dysfunction and want to speak to a professional about the cause and treatment available, we welcome you to book an appointment at our practice by calling (409) 923-0012. We are open to new and established patients in our office, located at 2929 Calder Avenue, Suite #204.


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