Infertility evaluations to help couples conceive

10 adobestock 204054841 croppedDo you want to get pregnant and begin or expand your family? Are you worried about your future fertility? Are you struggling with conceiving and concerned that there may be a problem? When it comes to getting pregnant, there are many factors involved to ensure a successful conception and safe pregnancy. At the Texas Center for Health in Beaumont, TX, our providers can provide infertility evaluations for both men and women to significantly improve a couple’s chances for success in carrying a child. With a comprehensive infertility assessment by our experienced providers, couples can get the answers to their questions and find out more about ways to start or expand their family.

What testing is done to check for fertility problems?

For men, the most effective way of determining fertility is with the analysis of semen. Men will provide a semen sample at the facility which is then screened and evaluated. The laboratory will assess the sperm count, motility, shape, and more to determine if there are concerns regarding the sperm that are inhibiting fertility. For women, a transvaginal pelvic ultrasound will be completed along with antral follicle count. Additionally, certain blood levels are also evaluated, including FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and E2 (Estradiol). In some instances, there may be fertility issues for both the man and women which may make conceiving a child difficult or almost impossible.

What happens if we have infertility issues?

There are many different issues that can contribute to infertility, and some are not as worrisome as others. After the evaluations have been completed, our providers at the Texas Center for Health will sit down with a couple and discuss the findings. Then, recommendations may be made to help couples conceive, if possible. Some patients consider IVF, surrogacy, and adoption as alternative methods of becoming parents when certain complications exist.

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